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TerraScape 2.1  - Digital

TerraScape 2.1 - Digital

**Digital Download**


TerraScape 2.1 was taken October/2020, approximately 390 feet above the Tualitin Hills Nature Park (the Lily Pond), near Nike Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.


This challenging shot  required a good measure of skill/concentration as there were many hard to see obstacles and the drone flight was nearing  the limits of reasonably safe conditions and of course FAA Part 107 restrictions (without a waiver) for night flights.


The "plan" to film/photograph at this location was based on an impromptu call out to "let's get the kids to the park before it closes for the day".


While flight conditions were less than optimal on the ground, (the tree canopy in the park hid the remaining light of the day) , I was able to capture the light reflected off of the Lily Pond to brighten the landscape.


Of course, there are multiple versions (looks) available, but I really enjoy the uncertainty of this representation. "It's kind of cool, but what is it?"  The enhancements were crafted with Lumina 4 drives home the intent/effect.  I hope you agree.  

Original RAW files are available for $300


  • ICC Profile For Prints

    Dimensions: 7200x5400

    Resolution: 400x400

    Color Space: RGB

    Color Profile: sRGB IED61966-2.1

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