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   Charities NFT Initiative


The Retro 21 LLC Charities *NFT Initiative provides a mutually beneficial means to channel vital funds to charities in need. The objective is to provide a segue for various classes of donors/investors to own, market and speculate on the basis of an Ethereum based NFT,  with it's metadata uniquely intertwined with a physical asset, an image producer,  and affiliated charity.  While charities are the most cherished beneficiary of tangible, non-speculative funds from our digital auctions, NFT owners will possess a high value physical and linked digital asset that resides within the Ethereum blockchain marketplace.  Let us explain.

*NFT is an acronym for non-fungible token.  A detailed explanation of NFT’s and the myriad of ways in which they are used can be found at

The NFT Charities Auctions are the primary means of generating funds for charities.  Retro 21, uses the secure, Ethereum based, NFT marketplace to conduct a series of monthly auctions, delineated on the basis pf the following donor/investor categories;  (a) corporations, (b) celebrity/athlete,(c) general public, (d) "open mint" which provides a means for donor/investors of any category, to employ the charity funding process outside of structured auctions. Retro 21 employs a need/value based approach to periodically select a specific genre of charity.  The inaugural Phase 1.0 initiative will target the current/projected needs within our food banks.

The Charities NFT Auction

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