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First Arrivals I.0

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Last week I received the first, frameless/glass “SkyScapes” from Fracture. The “SkyScapes“ (the plan was to order several sizes to assess quality and to place the cool images around my home) arrived in two large, well protected Fed X boxes that contained about 15 glass pieces of varying sizes.

While the use of Fracture was/is a bit of an experiment, I was aware and pleased with their product/service from a prior, less ambitious purchase. In that case, they captured one of my (a low quality .jpeg) 1980,s era Rugby team photos and one from a trip to Hawaii.

Needless to say, I was quite pleased with the product and decided to use Fracture for my inaugural production run.

The set of Fracture’s displayed in the image above, ranged from the X-Large in the center, 2 Larges on the side and a Small, second from left.

Installation was similar to any other picture frame. Each frame comes with an installation screw and a stand is available for an addition fee.

If there is a critique, I did notice a small blemish (perhaps an air bubble) on one or two medium frames. I will monitor this occurrence on future buys and because your purchases ship directly from Fracture, I encourage buyers to inspect for the hopefully, rare anomoly.

In the event, you experience an issue, there is a return policy.

Note: I will continue to explore additional framing materials and in the not too distant future will make ”prints“ and digital downloads available for purchase. I look forward to your suggestions and opinions.

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